Instructor led skills development for IT professionals.
Coaching and mentoring offer an alternative approach to developing your staff's knowledge and skills that is less structured than a training course. Frequently, coaching sessions are conducted one-on-one which means that the preferences and needs of individuals can be taken into account.
A coaching session with a project team can be a great way to kick-start a project and can be organised as a follow on to structured training courses.

Consulting Assignments

One of the things that makes our training courses different is that we “do” as well as “talk”. The lessons we learn applying the techniques we teach are inevitably incorporated into our courses. The result is a powerful blend of theory and practice that we can guarantee will actually work!
Some of the more notable consulting assignments we have undertaken include:

  • Defining the requirements for a software system to support a new post-compulsory education curriculum.
  • Developing process models and mentoring the staff of a Hong-Kong based garment manufacturer.
  • Facilitating a program of workshops for an oil company as part of an software package selection process.
  • Developing an information systems plan for the marketing department of a power utility.
  • Developing a student information architecture for an education department.
  • Helping a Bangkok-based software development organisation to kick-start their software process improvement effort.
  • Managing a test team charged with performing an acceptance test on a large, undocumented insurance application.
  • Developing a criminal justice information model.

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