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Dimensional Modelling for Business Intelligence

Dimensional models provide the underlying building blocks for a Business Intelligence (BI) initiative which means that Dimensional Modelling skills are one of the critical factors that contribute to the successful outcomes of BI projects.

This two-day course gives participants the skills required to develop Dimensional Models that can be applied to real business problems.

The course is based on Ralph Kimball’s approach to Dimensional Modelling which has become widely adopted to the point that it is now considered the standard” approach to Dimensional Modelling.

The course is taught by an experienced Dimensional Modeller who offers an independent point of view that is free from vendor bias and tool preferences.

At the end of the course participants will be equipped to make a valuable contribution to BI projects.

Course Features

Participant Benefits

Who Should Attend

Course Duration

Course Agenda

Business Concepts


Dimensional Concepts

The Dimensional Model

Inside Dimension Tables

Inside Fact Tables

An Architectural Approach

Building Dimensional Models

Documenting Dimensional Models

Identifying Source Data

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

Data Quality

The Data Warehouse

Dimensional Modelling for Business Intelligence

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