We help organisations improve the way they deliver software solutions.

We achieve this by facilitating skills development that is aligned with organisational change.

We recognise that that skills development is a journey that starts with an awareness of the need for change, and ends when staff have the skills needed to support the change.

We believe that staff require ongoing coaching and support to fully develop the skills they need.

Specifically, we work with organisations to help them:
✦ Clarify and define business needs
✦ Discover the right software features
✦ Describe software features clearly and concisely
✦ Plan and manage delivery of software solutions
✦ Prepare software test and evaluation strategies

We can facilitate skills development in a variety of ways:
✦ Conduct feature discovery workshops
✦ Organise and present instructor-lead training sessions
✦ Help staff turn problems into lessons learnt
✦ Coach staff on a regular basis or on demand
✦ Work alongside staff as an embedded team leader and coach