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Software Testing Curriculum

The Software Testing Curriculum is a practical curriculum based on proven software testing strategies that work in the real world.  It has been designed to improve the the skills as well as the knowledge of software testers.

Software Testing Techniques for User Acceptance and System Integration Testing

This two-day course is designed to bridge the “testing gap”. It is aimed at software testers who need a practical approach to User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and System Integration Testing (SIT) that can be applied to software projects in the real world.

Test Case Design Techniques

This two-day course teaches participants a number of advanced test case design techniques.

Information Gathering for Business and Systems Analysts

This two-day course equips participants with a tool kit of interviewing and workshop facilitation techniques. The course relies on a minimum of theory, emphasising group activities and role-playing as the appropriate way to learn.

Essentials of Business Analysis

A two-day course based on real-world experience and lessons learnt by practising business analysts.

Software Testing

This two-day course is essential for those who want to understand the role of software testing in improving software quality.

Requirements Analysis for Business and Systems Analysts

This three-day course describes an approach to requirements analysis that can be applied by requirements analysts with different levels of experience.

Agile Business Analysis

Based on the Requirements Discovery Canvas, this two-day course explains the role of business analysis in a Scrum team.

Risk Based Testing

This two-day course teaches participants how they can respond to to tight schedules by testing smarter not harder. They learn how to analyse and respond to risk, allowing them to better prioritise their test activities which in turn maximises the effectiveness of the test effort.

Concepts of Automated Testing

This two-day course provides an opportunity to get to grips with test automation. It offers a unique combination of automation theory backed up by examples of test automation tools.

Scrum and Agile Practices

This course is designed to provide an honest, independent perspective of Scrum that arms participants with sufficient understanding to decide on the next step for their organisation.

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