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Concepts of Automated Testing

Theory and Practice of Test Automation Strategies, Tools and Frameworks

Many organisations would like to automate some or all of their software testing tasks. However, uncertainty about where to start and the high cost of proprietary testing tools often holds them back.

This course provides an opportunity to get to grips with test automation by combining an in-depth discussion of automation concepts with practical demonstrations of test automation tools and frameworks. The demonstrations are all based on fully featured open source and freeware” tools. Which means that participants can download and experiment with the tools after the course.

This ensures that when the time comes to evaluate and select a test automation tools and frameworks, participants will be well prepared with a detailed understanding of the role of automation tools, as well as their inherent strengths and weaknesses.

The course commences with a brief review of software testing concepts and then moves on to discuss the business case for test automation. This is followed by an in-depth discussion of test automation frameworks and strategies. The remainder of the course is organised into topics that cover code based testing; API testing and testing through the user interface (UI).

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Software Testing Concepts and Definitions

The Business Case for Test Automation

Test Automation Frameworks

Test Automation Strategies

Static Tools

Test Harnesses

Code Based Testing

API Testing

User Interface Testing

Testing Non-Functional Requirements

Testing Not Suitable for Automation

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Concepts of Automated Testing

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