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Agile Business Analysis

A Collaborative Approach to Discovering Software Features

Most Agile approaches focus on product delivery, assuming that a prioritised backlog’ of product features is already available to drive development activities. However, many Agile approaches are rather vague about how the Product Backlog is initially populated with required features.

Coupled with this is uncertainty about the role of the Business Analyst in an Agile approach.  It is clear that the traditional specification-driven approach to business analysis will not work with Agile approach but many teams struggle to find an alternative.

This course clarifies one of the least understood aspects of Agile by teaching a comprehensive set of discovery’ techniques that complement Agile delivery’ approaches such as Srum and Kanban. 

At the end of the course, participants will have a clear understanding of how to apply a collaborative approach to business analysis that clarifies the role of a Business Analyst in an Agile team.

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Agile Software Development

Agile Business Analysis

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Agile Business Analysis

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