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Software Testing

Techniques for Improving Software Quality

This two-day course is essential for those who want to understand the role of software testing as a technique for improving software quality.

The course starts with a discussion of key quality concepts and how they relate to software quality. During this discussion, the inherent limitations of software testing are identified and a number of alternative quality improvement techniques are described.

The course then moves on to introduce the software testing canvas’ and describe how it can be used as a tool for understanding standard test levels and as a framework for developing a custom software testing strategy. The importance of adopting a risk-based approach to testing is emphasised.

Participants then learn how to design design functional (black-box) and structural (white-box) test cases, applying a variety of techniques with an emphasise on negative testsing’.

The theory presented during the course is enhanced by lively class discussions and practical exercises that provide an opportunity for participants to apply what they have learnt.

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Software Quality

Introduction to Software Testing

Software Testing Limitations

Software Testing Strategies

Software Testing and Risk

Designing Test Cases

Functional Test Case Design

Structural Test Case Design

Software Testing

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