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Risk Based Testing

Balancing Acceptable Quality With Schedules and Budgets

Many organisations continually struggle with how to balance aggressive development schedules with the need for quality software.

Coming towards the end of development, when the schedule pressure is often greatest, there never seems to be enough time for testing.

As project deadlines approach, managers often need to choose between delaying the release or accepting a lower level of quality.

This two-day course teaches participants how they can respond to this problem by testing smarter not harder.

Participants will learn how to analyse and respond to risk, allowing them to better prioritise their test activities which in turn will maximise the effectiveness of the test effort.

Available as a virtual classroom course that makes extensive use of online collaborative tools to support student activities.

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Software Testing Concepts

Software Testing and Risk

Identifying Risks

Assessing Risks

Developing a Risk Strategy

Responding to Risk

Reporting Risks

Predicting Risk

Risk Based Testing

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