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Information Gathering for Business and Systems Analysts

Most technical staff understand that gathering information from users, clients and stakeholders is an essential part of their job. With little (if any) preparation for this crucial aspect of their jobs, many staff attempt to muddle their way through a series of poorly planned interviews or workshops.

At best, this is viewed as unprofessional and a source of frustration by their clients. In the worst case, poorly organised interviews and workshops can undermine the credibility of a project team.

This two-day course is a much-needed solution to this problem. The course equips participants with a toolkit of interviewing and workshop facilitation techniques. These are tempered with many hard won tips and tricks gleaned from years of practical experience.

The course relies on a minimum of theory, emphasising group activities and role-playing as the appropriate way to learn.

At the end of the course, participants will find that their skills have improved and they are able to present a more confident and professional image during interviews and workshops.

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2 days full-time.

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Information Gathering Activities, Tools and Techniques





Information Gathering for Business and Systems Analysts

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