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Rebooting the Use Case Diagram

Use cases have fallen out of favour in recent times with user stories becoming the preferred way for teams to manage requirements. In the rush away from use cases, everyone seems to have forgotten Use Case Diagrams.

BABOK Version 3 and the Requirements Discovery Canvas

Business Model Canvas and Collaborative Games are among the new business analysis techniques introduced in BABOK Version 3. This makes the Requirements Discovery Canvas an ideal companion for the latest version of BABOK.
Comics and Infographics Words are often not the best way to present complex or tedious material. Because I don't draw well, I often discuss the benefits of engaging a professional graphic designer during our Essentials of Business Analysis courses.

Creating a Glossary of Terms

The most difficult aspect of creating a glossary of terms is writing a clear definition for each entry. WordNet is a database of the English language that can help simplify the task. As well as providing definitions of English words, WordNet also lets you explore relationships between terms such as “part of”, “kind of”, "member of" and “composed of”.

Business Analysis and Process Modelling

The classic sequence of developing process models, favoured by academics and advocates of structured analysis, is - current physical; current logical; proposed logical; and proposed physical. However, I have never seen it successfully applied in a project setting. The reason for this can be summed up in a single word - time!

The UML Collaboration Element

The collaboration element can be used to highlight a collection of UML elements that collaborate in a way that is not immediately obvious

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