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Test Case Design Techniques

Designing Effective Tests for Manual, Automated and Exploratory Testing

This two-day course teaches participants a number of advanced testing techniques. The course commences with a brief discussion of black-box and glass-box test models followed by a discussion of practical test coverage criteria for both models.

The course then moves on to an in-depth discussion of various black-box testing techniques. This is followed by a demonstration of how the techniques can be applied to both the conventional and model-based” approaches to testing.

The second-half of the course covers glass-box testing techniques and shows how these may be applied to both conventional testing and the static analysis of program code.

The course concludes with a brief discussion of how the techniques learnt during the course can be used with automated test tools.

Course Features

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Course Duration

2 days full-time.

Course Agenda


Black-Box Testing and Test-Driven Development (TDD) Test Case Design Techniques

Model-Based Testing

Glass-Box Test Case Design Techniques

Static Analysis of Program Source Code

Regression Testing

Test Cases and Automated Testing

Test Case Design Techniques

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