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Scrum and Agile Practices

The use of Scrum and agile practices to manage software development is becoming wide-spread. Many people are aware of Scrum and would like to find out more or evaluate its suitability for their organisations.

This course is designed to provide an honest, independent perspective of Scrum that arms participants with sufficient understanding to decide on the next step for their organisation. One of the features of the course is its clear explanation of the relationship between Scrum and other popular agile practices. The course is delivered by a Certified Scrum Master with many years of experience in the software industry.

This course is ideal for educating large groups about Scrum, as a pre-requisite for further training or to kick-start an organisation’s first Scrum project. The course can also serve as a component of a comprehensive change management program for introducing Scrum into an organisation.

Course Features

Participant Benefits

Who Should Attend

Course Duration

Course Agenda

History of Agile Practices

Introduction to Scrum

The Product Owner and Product Backlog

Understanding Scrum Sprints

Agile Practices Supporting Scrum

Implementing Scrum and Managing Change

Scrum and Agile Practices

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