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Essentials of Business Analysis

A Lean Toolset For New and Experienced Business Analysts

A business analysts investigates business needs and proposes solutions to business problems. In order to succeed, business analysts require a unique combination of skills that combine an understanding of both business and technology.

This course is a revised version of our popular Essentials of Business Analysis. The revised course is still based on real-world experience and lessons learnt by practising business analysts but now incorporates some new advice for business analysts working in an agile environment.

Participants leave the course with a clear understanding of what is expected from a business analyst in a modern business environment and and the skills necessary to fulfil those expectations.

Course Features

Participant Benefits

Who Should Attend

Course Duration

Course Agenda

Introduction to Business Analysis

Business Analysis Process Model

Investigating the Situation

Considering Perspectives

Modelling Workflows

Modelling Software Solutions

Analysing Needs

Evaluating Options

Defining Requirements

Essentials of Business Analysis

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