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Requirements Analysis for Business and Systems Analysts

This three-day course describes an approach to requirements analysis that can be applied by requirements analysts with different levels of experience. Underpinning the approach is the concept of use cases that describe requirements from the perspective of the users of a software application.

The course first shows participants how to identify the initial scope of a project together with the project stakeholders. Stakeholders are classified according to their subject matter knowledge and their control over the scope of the requirements.

Participants are then shown how to develop an activity model that represents a consolidated view of the various stakeholder perspectives. The activity model is then used to identify and analyse the information requirements associated with activities.

This is followed by a discussion of business rules and the role of class diagrams which provides a context for the identification of requirements and the development of a use case model.

A number of techniques for identifying and describing software requirements are discussed. The discussion includes the role of a product roadmap.

The course then moves on to a detailed discussion of the underlying theory of use cases and their practical application. The course shows participants how to develop use case diagrams and document use case scenarios.

The course concludes with a brief discussion of the various approaches to packaging a requirements specification.

Course Features

Participant Benefits

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Course Duration

4 days full-time.

Course Agenda



Stakeholder Analysis

Activity Analysis

Information Analysis

Business Rule Analysis

Requirements Definition

Use Case Modelling

Packaging the Requirements Specification

Requirements Analysis for Business and Systems Analysts

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